Manoharan Mudaliar

Cyber Security Consultant

Information Security

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Protect Critical Business Technology With World-Class Information Security Services

Safeguarding your business’s critical information is vital to ensuring its functionality, operations, and organization of data. Cyberattacks and compromised security systems threaten the integrity of your organization, affecting various facets of your company and its business outcomes.

Working with a certified information security manager ensures you’re prepared to combat any security threat in this ever-changing environment. With global experience in preparing companies for these impending threats, I, Manoharan Mudaliar, work as an information security consultant and strategist. I can help bolster your existing systems and fill the gaps in your current programs to help you meet your goals.

Experienced in consulting over information security programs, I utilize my expertise and insight gained from you to build a program that keeps your objectives in mind. Accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity are at the heart of my consulting services as I cover all bases and ensure your information systems are free of any vulnerabilities.

For more information about my information security management and consultancy services, contact me today.